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Jack Z
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Purchased these lures on sale recently. Delivery was tracked and traced and arrived within a week. Quality looks great on unboxing. All Large lures have internal moving weight to improve action. Weight and dimension info on each lure.

All of the lures are painted with great finish with the exception of the crank bait which has a very impressive internal design that reflects different colour light. The paint looks excellent, picture is taken during low lighting but still looks really reflective.

No comment on hooks and durability yet as I haven't tested them. Seems good so far.
Larissa G
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I’m very impressed with the level of communication and great customer service received for this purchase. The emails were timely & accurate re: invoice & delivery. There was proper communication when there was expected to be a delay in delivery, but there didn’t end up being a delay anyway.

I was also very impressed with the packaging. The sunglasses were very well protected, and the packaging just looked cool. Awesome little freebie & business card too.

Well done, very impressed.
Mitchell D
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Were really quick to answer a question I had. Delivery was quick, well packed and wrapped in that biodegradable plastic.