Wraith Minnow Milky Lime Premium Saltwater Bait


Your new go-to lure for saltwater.

The Bloodshot Wraith Minnow lure has been engineered from the ground up to be a saltwater lure. The lure is dressed in an ultra-durable ABS plastic and constructed with saltwater resistant eyelets and split rings.

This Lure has been aerodynamically designed to reduce air resistance and increasing casting distance. Paired with the internal vibration chamber, you will get exceptionally far casts with such a lightweight lure.

  • Purpose-built for saltwater
  • 3D laser etched pattern
  • Extra-long casting
  • Works with a wide range of actions
  • UltraSharp Treble Hooks & Heavy Duty Split Rings

Wraith Minnow - Milky Lime:​

(90mm / 11g)


Body: ABS Plastic


Rattling, Vibration, Shimmer


Suspended / Sinking

Target Species

Kingfish, Snapper, Flathead, Bream & Bass.


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