Sukriti Chasebait Magneto Small but Mighty


This lure may be our smallest lure, but it’s suited up for any situation.

The Magneto Sukriti Chasebait is a speciality built lure to act as a fleeing prey with life-like swimming action and impressive visual effects.

To make sure this lure is seen even in murky water, there is an included spinning blade. This lure has a smooth and rapid diving action mimicking the natural snapping movement of prawns and shrimps.

  • Life-like swimming action
  • Smooth and rapid diving
  • Vivid colours with a shiny blade
  • Unique treble & dual hook combo

Sukriti Chasebait:

(40mm / 14g)


Body: Solid Zinc


Vibrations, Shimmer


1x Treble Hook, 1x Dual Hook with Blade



Target Species

Bream, Flathead, Mackerel, Leather Jacket, Wrasse, Whiting


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