Shadow Pencil Stealth Shockingly Deadly


Your standard-issue lure, now heavy duty.

The Stealth Shadow Pencil is engineered to mimic the size, action & allurements of natural baitfish. The lure comes with a centralised counterweight system giving you impressive casting distances, even when the weather isn’t favouring.

This Lure features 3D Laser Engraving on the outside on the heavy-duty ABS plastic to enhance the internal ultra-reflective holographic patterns – giving you further visibility in both clear and murky water.

  • Premium ABS Plastic
  • Counterweight tuned for casting
  • 3D Texture with Laser Painting
  • Realistic 3D Eyes

Shadow Pencil - Stealth

(40mm / 4g) + (70mm / 8g)


Body: Premium ABS


Vibration, Shimmer



Target Species

Bream, Bass & Light Saltwater Species


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