Phantom Crank Oyster High Definition Colouring


With a kaleidoscope-like body, the Oyster Phantom Crank will blow your mind 🤩

The Oyster Phantom Crank comes packed with an ultra-durable 3D Holographic body for incredibly vivid and deep multi-directional colours. Designed for greater casting distance, this stumpy aerodynamic lure is paired with an extra-long bill & vibration chambers that allow you to feel it work its magic from cast to catch.

  • 3D Laser Holographics

  • Extra-long bill for fierce left & right swinging

  • The deep-diving body allows the lure to search at a multitude of depths

  • UltraSharp Red Treble Hooks & Heavy Duty Split Rings

Phantom Crank - Oyster:

(50mm / 10.5g)


Body: ABS


Rattling, Vibration, Shimmering, Splashing




Target Species

Flathead, Bream,
Trout, Tarwhine 


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