CuttleStrike Pro Banana Next Gen Squid Jig


A fresh take on the classic squid jig 🦑

The streamlined design of the Banana CuttleStrike Pro allows for increased sensitivity and smoothness while swimming elegantly through the water. The nose weight allows the lure to sink at a natural rate, enhanced by your jigging motion. Whilst the central magnetic core shift system independently moves to replicate the natural snapping movement of baitfish – it even makes a tasteful *click* noise. Nice.

  • Smooth suction-friendly surface
  • 360° 3D colouring & reflections
  • Glow in the dark umbrella hooks
  • Soft, flexible, luminescence legs

Cuttlestrike Pro - Banana

(108mm / 20g)


Body: ABS
Legs: Silicone


Rattling, Vibration, Shimmer, Glow in the dark


Slow Sinking

Target Species

Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus


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