A Sustainable Fishing Brand sounds a bit like a paradox, right? We’re here to change that.

If we are going to take from the ocean, it’s only right to give back. Being an OEM brand, we are able to scrutinise every part of our process for sustainability opportunities.

Our Fishalite™ series are made from 100% reclaimed materials, like plastic bottles & used fishing nets from our oceans and shores. We will soon be moving to 100% Ocean Reclaimed Plastic.


When packing your products for delivery, we only use recyclable material & sent only by 100% Carbon Neutral services. We are working on moving all packaging to plastic free!


Each manufacturer we partner with has been selected through their craftsmanship, workplace conditions & waste management policies. Our products are made with happy hands 👐.

Our team is small and mighty but we still have our limitations. There are some impacts we are unable to control so to do our part in a positive environmental impact, we donate 10% of our profits to ocean initiatives such as ocean cleanups and sanctuary projects.