Earn credit by taking photos on your next adventure! No, we’re not joking!

We’re working hard on finishing this. Stay tuned.
As much as we would love to take on some ambassadors, we’re only a small Aussie brand and don’t want to fling around that kind of cash. So instead, our team came up with Catchback™ to give back to our customers.
How does it work?
Just purchase any Fiske product, and on your next adventure, take a snap or video of it in action. Shoot it over to us and we’ll credit your account for each piece of footage*. You can repeat this until you hit the total redeemable value. Rinse & repeat.
What’s the catch?
To be eligible for the catchback program, all you have to do is provide us with high quality & unique footage that we’re permitted to post on our social platforms. That’s it!