Should I Be Jerking It or Cranking It?


Should I Be Jerking It or Cranking It?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of different types of lures out there and have no idea if you are using them correctly? We’ve created this crash course on identifying and understanding the purpose of each style of lure. Today we will be focusing on the Jerkbait & the Crankbait.

Jerkbaits (Also known as Minnow Lures & Stickbaits)

The Jerkbait is the most popular lure on the market. You will see both freshwater & saltwater anglers using these, and the reason for this is fairly simple; the lure’s long, and the slim bodies mimic the size and shape of most baitfish.

Lipless Jerkbaits are perfect for targeting fish in shallow & medium waters when equipped with a lip. They come in a wide arrangement of colours, styles & allurements. When searching for your next Jerkbait, we recommend grabbing one with a rattle chamber, as the jerkbait has a fairly limited vibration reach.

What can I target with Jerkbaits:
Just about everything will gulp a Jerkbait but you will find the most success with Flathead, Bream, Bass, Tailor and Salmon


Crankbaits are the second most popular lure on the market & there is a very good reason why you’ll see a few of these in the tacklebox of every professional angler around the world. Crankbaits have a fairly unusual shape with a fat belly and slim tail which originally was designed to mimic a crawfish. Crankbaits are more freshwater specific but still work great in saltwater.

Crankbaits, much like VIBs, are attention seekers and have the looks & moves to get the attention of any hungry predator in the water. Their violent rattling & shaking creates loud pulses & vibrations that can be felt for tens of meters.

Like most types of lures, you can buy Crankbaits in both lipped & lipless shapes, however, unless you are specifically targeting a species that performs better with lipless, we would recommend remaining with lipped & using VIB lures instead of lipless cranks.

What can I target with Crankbaits:
Unlike Jerkbaits, crankbaits have more of an acquired taste, mainly due to the vibration scaring off more timid species. You’ll have the most success with Flathead, Bream, Bass, Trout, Catfish & Redfin Perch.

The big question: Which one should I buy?

This is very difficult to answer so we’ll sum it up: You probably need both.

Unlike other types of lures, the Jerkbait & the Crankbait don’t really compete with each other – they serve different purposes. So the next time you’re out on the water and unsure, ask yourself these questions:

  • What species are you targeting? (How do they strike a lure?)
    • Ambush: Crankbait
    • Chase: Jerkbait
  • Is the fish timid? (Not all fish like bait thrown in their face)
    • Strikes close (e.g. flathead, bass): Crankbait
    • Strikes from afar (e.g. Tailor, Trout): Jerkbait
Still not sure? We’re here to help!

If you are still not sure what you should be using, just shoot us a message on messenger (or click on the live chat on the website), we’ll be more than happy to explain what lure would best fit your needs & how to jig it correctly.

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